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436, 1.4526, X6CrMoNb17-1 stainless

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Ferritic stainless 436, 1.4526, X6CrMoNb17-1

Grade 436 stainless is suitable for many roll-formed and stamped automotive trim appliance.

Type 436 stainless is an improvement of grade 434 stainless with a small stabilizing niobium addition.

grade 434 stainless is a modification of type 430, the addition of molybdenum increases this alloy's corrosion resistance

and its attack from many deicing chemicals.

Chemical composition ( weight % )

AISI 436, UNS S43600, EN 1.4526, DIN X6CrMoNb17-10.12 max1.00 max1.00 max0.04 max0.03 max16.00~18.000.75~1.255XC min, 0.80 max

Supply of forms

436, 1.4526 hot and cold rolled stainless steel strip, coil, sheet and plate

Tel:+86 510 81812873