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441 stainless steel

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Ferritic stainless 441

441 stainless is used in applications requiring improved high temperature strength and creep resistance over grade 409 and 439. applications including appliances, food and kitchen equipment, heat exchangers, as well as architectural structures. 

stainless steel 441 is a nominal 18% chromium bearing ferritic stainless steel stabilized with niobium. 441 stainless provides good high temperature strength that exceeds ferritic grades 409 and 439. 441 stainless offers good corrosion resistance in many exhaust gas environments, equipment to grade 439 stainless.

Chemical composition ( weight % )

441, 1.4509, X2CrTiNb18, 18CrCb0.03 max1.00 max1.00 max0.040 max0.030 max18.001.00 max0.3+9XC min, 0.90 max0.03 max0.10~0.50

Supply of forms

441 stainless steel sheet ( plate ) in coil, cut lengths, or strip

Tel:+86 510 81812873