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3Cr12, 1.4003 stainless steel sheet, plate

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Ferritic stainless 3Cr12

Developed originally as 3Cr12 in South Africa, 1.4003 is a low cost stainless steel used as a cost effective substitute for galvanised and painted carbon steels. It is sometimes termed a “utility ferritic” grade.

3Cr12 stainless grade combines the following characteristics:

  • Basic corrosion resistance (lowest grade classed as stainless steel)
  • Composition balanced to give good weldability in thick sections in contrast to other ferritic grades
  • Moderate impact toughness 
  • Moderate wear resistance
  • Low cost

Many applications require some degree of corrosion resistance without needing to maintain an aesthetic appearance. 

The key property is to maintain section thickness rather than “looking the part”. The grade was originally developed to serve the mining industry in South Africa where large amounts were used for handling ores in the form of wagons, 

hoppers and chutes. The basic corrosion resistance, wear resistance, weldability and low cost provided a winning combination. In some applications the steel is painted to provide additional corrosion resistance.

Applications have expanded to a wide range since the initial development to include:
Coach frames, minibus chassis, sugar beet handling, malting vessels, electrical enclosures, fuel tanks, chimneys, 

refuse vehicles, fertiliser storage, rail wagons, conveying equipment for dry material, lintels, laboratory work surfaces

1.4003 is the lowest cost stainless steel. Provided aesthetic appearance is not an issue, it provides a good solution. 

Care needs to be exercised in using it as a substitute for higher grades on cost grounds alone.

Chemical composition ( weight % )

1.4003, X2CrNi12, 3Cr120.03 max1.00 max1.50 max0.040 max0.030 max10.50~12.501.50 max0.030 max

Supply of forms

3Cr12 hot and cold rolled stainless steel sheet, plate, strip and coil

Tel:+86 510 81812873